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Vinci Bye-Bye

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So Leonardo da Vinci is dead.  And good riddance, I say – bloody know-it-all.  (I jest, dear reader.  I am a bounty of frivolity this evening.)  I expected that I would want to cry at the end of the book (as I have a tendency to get quite upset (not necessarily tearful, though) at the end of just about every biography I’ve read), but, upon actually approaching the ending of the book tonight, I found that there wasn’t any of that tightening sense of incoming tragedy.  And so, when he died, I felt nothing.  But then, a paragraph or two later, as the biographer described Melzi (his personal assistant, basically, and the reason we still have a lot of his manuscripts) feeling rather upset about the death, a shiver went through my body and a tear or two welled up in my eyes; I didn’t feel for Leonardo, but I felt for his assistant.  I wonder why.

Leonardo also made a list of books at a couple of points in his life; books that he owned, that is.  I must do this at some point.  I must also signify on said list which books I have read and which I haven’t.  Maybe I should post it on here someday.  Of course, it will not necessarily contain the books I’ve read but don’t own anymore, or never owned…  (I don’t think there’s many books that I once owned but no longer do; I was never particularly fond of selling them.  I have vague memories of selling something to a secondhand bookshop at some point, but that might merely be a memory of me inquiring after how much I might expect to fetch for them, rather than actually handing them over.)

I employed a system, tonight, that I sometimes use when I read.  (I say “system”, as if it’s something logical, rational, and thoughtfully planned.  It’s not.)  Basically, I watch a scene of a TV show, then read a section of a book, and so on.  This time it was mini-chapters of the biography, that ranged between three to ten pages.  I think it increases my reading stamina, which has been a bit lacklustre of late.  (One thinks to my reading of Clarissa, and how much more I must have been reading per day back then.)

(The TV show was an episode of Gilmore Girls, which I’ve been working my way through.  A few episodes into season 3 at the moment.)

Also bought a laptop today, somewhat on a whim, as there was a $500-off special that expired at midnight (I had yesterday and today to think about it), but I think I’ve got myself a good machine.  There’s a 15 day change-your-mind policy, though you have to pay for the shipping back, but that puts my mind at rest.  How nice it will be to have a laptop which has a working ‘b’ key.  How nice it will be to have a laptop with a battery that holds more than one minute of charge, so that I may, when the need arises, pull it out of the powerpoint and carry it to another powerpoint in a different room of the house, without having to worry about it running out of power.  (For six months or so, as the battery got worse and worse, I had to get used to having about a minute, or minute and a half, to switch powerpoints, which thankfully meant I didn’t have to rush through the house too quickly, but I certainly couldn’t dawdle.  At the moment I can’t move it at all without turning it off first.)

Pulled down Proust 5 & 6 off the shelf about half an hour ago, and I’m thinking of reading it, but I haven’t decided yet.  The Tale of Genji sits patiently, however.  (I want to point out, also, that I will refer to The Prisoner as Proust 5 and The Fugitive as Proust 6, and hence the final volume, Finding Time Again, as Proust 7, even though The Prisoner and The Fugitive are in one book, making the whole set six books.  I think I will read 5 and 6 separately.  Just thought you should know, dear reader.

Apparently I woke up the other morning and said “but what happened to the turtle?  No wait, I think that was a dream.”  Huh.


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June 6, 2013 at 3:24 pm

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