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Tedeschi and Omega

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Saw Tedeschi and Omega with the Sydney Omega Ensemble tonight.  Very solid, very solid.  Beforehand, I came into the city a bit earlier as there was a special event in the Vivid light projections on the Customs House: a Doctor Who event.  Basically, for one night only – five or six times – there was to be a specially made Doctor Who projection.  I thought it was going to be a bit more sophisticated than it was, but it ended up being merely a montage, mostly.  It would’ve been enjoyable if I’d already been there, and didn’t have to walk from Wynyard to Circular Quay because, for what must be a very long time, the trains weren’t connecting quite as fast as I’d have liked them to.  (One has to change lines to get from my home to go to Circular Quay.)  And it was raining, and my umbrella was somewhat useless.  (It wasn’t raining that hard, but it was constant, and a tad windy.)  And it was very crowded.  And then we had to walk back to the City Recital Hall afterwards (that is, back to Wynyard).  So, it was nice, but not worth the effort.

Speaking of being worth the effort: tomorrow I’m to see Angels in America at Belvoir, and it looks like it’s going to be a thirteen-or-so hour round trip to do so, what with it being a two part play and all.  Best take a book, I think.

Speaking of books: a quote from the da Vinci biography, talking about Alberti, the ‘first renaissance man’, and someone who Leonardo somewhat modelled himself on.  “Spring and autumn made him melancholy, he said, because all those flowers and fruits made him feel how little he had produced in his life.”  If any of my characters ever say something like that, you’ll know where I got it from.

Speaking of characters, this one right here is going to go unconscious for seven or eight hours, and rest up for the play.


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June 1, 2013 at 3:57 pm

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