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Mozart’s Gran Partita

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Every day for four years I’ve written something on this blog.  Quite the habit, that is.

Saw Mozart’s Gran Partita with the Sydney Symphony tonight.  Rather lovely, it was.  The Gran Partita (there was a Hindemith concerto beforehand, too, but, while quite pleasant and non-boring, it wasn’t as good as I was hoping) is, I think, the first pure-wind piece that I’ve truly liked.  (And saying that it was a pure-wind piece is a lie, because there was a double bass in it, and while I’m not suggesting that it made all the difference, it certainly helped, I think.  That, and Mozart’s genius, of course.)  The third movement (adagio) was great, too, and had me thinking about Keats, of all things.  (In the movie Bright Star, which I’ve seen twice now and thought great both times, there’s a part where there’s a human orchestra, and it’s the adagio they sing.)

Proust had stuff to say about music being a powerful way to bring back memories, right?  He must have.  I’m sure I remember him talking about the Vinteuil sonata with respect to that.  Must continue the Proust Odyssey soon.


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May 30, 2013 at 3:59 pm

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