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Gurrumul – His Life and Music

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Saw Gurrumul – His Life and Music, with Gurrumul (I’m not going to even try and remember his full name) and the Sydney Symphony tonight.  Good, I suppose.  He has a nice voice (although I remember reading somewhere once that someone said he had the ‘voice of an angel’, which I find a tad hard to believe), but I don’t think I’m that big a fan of his songs, to be honest.

Also of interest was that, even with him being Aboriginal and all, there was no ‘welcome to land’ (or whatever the little introductory speech that you often get is called).  I wonder why.  Maybe they couldn’t find anyone to do it (I assume it probably has to be a traditional owner of that specific piece of land, as opposed to just anybody).  Then again, is the Opera House, sitting on Bennelong Point as it is, actually land that would have been owned?  Or is the Opera House on artificial land…  (Okay, so Wikipedia says it was a tidal island.)  Whatever.  I’m tired, and I don’t care any more.

Finished the first season of The Wire today.  As good as I remember.  68/whatever in the da Vinci biography.

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May 28, 2013 at 4:43 pm

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