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On Losing the Ability to Type

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So today, in my limitless wisdom, I finally decided to try and fix the ‘b’ key on my laptop’s keyboard.  This involved dealing with what I thought was the most likely cause of the problem, namely the accumulated dust and hair and whatnot (I think I’m going to try and get out of the habit of writing ‘no space’ after whatnot now) that has gathered in the cracks of the keyboard over these many years.  Bits of foodstuffs, too.  Entire lifeforms hitherto undocumented by humanity.  Lost lottery tickets and spare change.  You get the idea.

So I prised the key off the keyboard, hoping that I would be able to get it back on (usually you can), and I got a little vacuum cleaner and sucked away, then I replaced the key, and lo and behold, now the ‘b’ key doesn’t work at all.  The only way I can get it to work is by taking the top of the key off, and sort of digging my finger into the more intimate parts of it.  Which is not a solution.  So something has to change, I think.  I’ll possibly be getting a new laptop.  At the moment, however, I’m typing this from an external keyboard plugged into the laptop, so things aren’t too bad.  (I was worried, for a moment there, that I might have to copy ‘b’ and paste it every time I wanted to write it – thankfully I don’t have to.)

So that was my day in a nutshell.  (I wouldn’t be surprised if there was a nutshell underneath one of the other keys, too.)

To be perfectly honest, I’m quite surprised that I made it worse, the keyboard.  I wouldn’t have thought I’d have made it worse.  I was expecting a sixty percent chance of success, and a forty percent chance of the status quo.


Written by epistemysics

May 24, 2013 at 3:34 pm

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