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“The keynote of Leonardo’s manuscripts is their diversity, their multiple miscellaneity: a jostling, often cramped, agglomeration of interests.  Dating pages is sometimes hard, because Leonardo has a repetitive habit of mind, circling like a bird of prey around his many interests, revisiting ideas and observations to work away at them again years later.  He is aware of this difficulty, and apologises to the notional future reader: ‘Do not blame me, reader, because the subjects are many, and the memory cannot retain them and say, “This I will not write because I have already written it.”‘  ” — Leonardo da Vinci: Flights of the Mind by Charles Nicholl

That quote, dear reader, resonated with me rather nicely.

I also have to use ‘agglomeration’ in a play some day.

I worry, too, that these resonances that I post here – these simulacra of souls (whatever that means, though it sounds interesting) – have the possibility to come off as egomaniacal comparisons.  But that’s not the case.  (Usually.)  (More often than not.)  With something like the above, it’s not so much me thinking, “oh, I have the same qualities of mind that da Vinci had” (and hence the unsaid implication that “I must have the same talent that da Vinci had, must be as good as da Vinci, etc”), but more that it gives me a comforting permission to continue doing the similar things I noticed.

Now, if you asked me, point-blank, whether I felt I needed this ‘permission’ to do what I wanted to with my writing, I’d tell you ‘no’.  But things are far more complex than that, of course.

“blank agglomeration”, in some sort of sentence, to describe the sheep-like nature of the will of crowds.  That could work.

Finished Bakuman volume 1 today too.  23/whatever in the biography.  And possibly – though watch me jinx it – my cold will be gone by tomorrow.


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May 23, 2013 at 4:25 pm

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