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Finished reading Inferno by Dan Brown today.  Meh.  I’m actually a tad annoyed at it,  to be honest.  Well, not annoyed, but bemused.  Or rather, I’m probably like someone who keeps chewing someone else’s ear off about a peeve they have, but they keep insisting that it “doesn’t matter to me, you know, I just think it’s so silly”.  (Spoilers follow.)

I just – it’s just…  Hmm.  The whole idea of it being a thriller where the villain gets his way.  And not just that, but that he’s gotten his way, as we find out, before the book has even started.  And considering that it was a sterility virus that he released, and the protagonist, when he finds out that the entire population of earth has been infected, doesn’t even seem the slightest bit perturbed that he might be one of the one-in-three people rendered infertile…  (Now, I can’t speak for every human on the planet, but I would think that even people who don’t want to have children would probably be very upset about having the choice taken away from them permanently…)

And it makes me wonder what the author will do in his next novels, especially if they go on for twenty years or so, and with the same character.  Will he depict the worldwide economic crisis when the birth rates drop dramatically and the economy starts to shrink, for instance?  (I don’t know if that would happen – I have a very basic understanding (that is – no understanding) of economics, but it seems like it might.)

It’s the worst book of his I’ve read, I think.  I remember I wasn’t very impressed with his first two novels, though I liked the Da Vinci Code, and Angels and Demons.  The Lost Symbol was better than Inferno but I didn’t like one of the plot points in it (where he was drowned, but in breathable liquid – urgh).

And it also felt like I was just reading it to get through it, you know?  Like I wasn’t particularly involved with the story, like in other books of his.  (The Lost Symbol, even  though I didn’t think it was his best, had some memorable scenes, like the bit in the pitch-black bunker-thingy, etc.)

But let me not write more on this than I have on some classics that I’ve read…  I will give his next book a shot.  The next one after that, if the next hasn’t improved, might be the last.

And now what to read…  Not the Tale of Genji, because I’m not in the mood for that yet.  Hmm.  HMM.  HMMMMMMM.


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May 21, 2013 at 4:29 pm

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