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An Evening with Bryn Terfel

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Saw An Evening with Bryn Terfel tonight.  Expected there to be a symphony, but got a piano instead.  (I should probably read the show descriptions a bit more closely, yes?  Or, you know, actually read them at all.)  Brilliant concert, though.

Interview with Stoppard yesterday (or a quote from a press conference, at least) in which he says that the current stage play he’s working on (huzzah!) may very well be his last (boo!).  Something about him getting old and not having another one in him, I think.  Though it was nothing definite.  I wanted two more plays out of him, but I can live with one.  But I’d like two.  And I must write that damn letter.  I’ve thought of how I could start it, actually – thought of it a day or two ago – but I ain’t telling.

I was thinking, too, of having a play of mine published along with the program for it – how they do it at Griffin and Belvoir when it’s a new Australian play.  I was thinking about what I’d write in the program note.  Something, I thought, along the lines of, “it takes a lot of arrogance, methinks, to force an audience to buy your script along with the program, especially considering they don’t know whether they like the play or not.  But, as I want my work to survive as long as possible, I find that the idea of lots of different people having copies of my play in lots of different places is a good thing.”

Finished the first volume of Naruto.  Will buy the next one.  I’ve decided I’m going to not buy the next volumes until I’ve read the one I have, lest I end up buying twenty at once (so I don’t have to wait to read the next part) and find I don’t like the story halfway through.

Was reading it on the train, and felt slightly embarrassed, strangely enough.  Was reading it in the Concert Hall and felt even more embarrassed.  I’m not sure why.  Either it’s because I think manga are childish (though I doubt it), or perhaps I fear that – comics being quite the rarity at the Opera House – someone will comment on it.  (What with me being shy and all.)  The person next to me tonight asked to read my program (which cost $15), and I said they could.  And then, thinking that I had some slight body odour going on, I realised later that the guy had his shoes off, and it was probably him.  Hmph!

The program came, delightfully enough, with a free CD.  (Not that that excuses the expensiveness of a rather underwhelming program, as the CD was meant to be ‘free’ and ‘while stocks last’.)  A double CD of Bryn Terfel’s.  Quite nice, I’m guessing.

73/whatever in SUOFAOL.

And they’re no longer selling vanilla ice creams in a tub at the Opera House any more, so you can only get chocolate.  What!  What kind of stupid decision is that?


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April 30, 2013 at 4:25 pm

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