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Remember Me

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Fuck!  Good God, this dog!  I have nothing to do with its training – the parents are doing all that, for it’s their dog – but my god, what a hellish night!  In pursuit of toilet training it, because for some godforsaken reason it’s meant to be an indoor dog, it was left in a very small cage (big enough to fit its bed and toys in) overnight.  The idea being that a dog doesn’t want to urinate where it sleeps.  But it spent the entire fucking night whimpering and barking and whining and moaning and, most importantly, keeping me awake, or, just when I thought I might have some respite and having had half an hour’s sleep, waking me up again.  This had nothing to do with the toilet training, rather it’s some sort of separation anxiety.  And of course it had to be a room and a hallway away from my bedroom, didn’t it?  I finally got sick of the noise, at about 3am, and tried turning the airconditioner on, but mine, once it reaches the set temperature, turns itself onto fan and stops making as much noise, so that wasn’t working all the time, and I was bloody cold to boot.  What eventually worked – though to say ‘worked’ is to add a sheen to vomit – was turning my radio on extremely loud, and having that block out the dog’s noises.  Which then meant that I had to try and sleep listening to a loud radio.  Which I managed to do, god knows how.

There’s a point when pity turns to outrage, you know.

Three thousand dollars this dog would’ve cost, if we’d bought it.  But we’re doing it with a breeder, and our dog is the one that the breeder wants to continue the line, so we get it for free, so long as we  take good care of it and bring it to the breeder’s every half a year so it can do the nasty with its lady friends.  Bet it doesn’t make as much fucking noise while it’s doing that…

Anyway.  Calm, two, three, four,  five, six, seven, eight…

Saw Remember Me with the Sydney Philharmonia Choirs tonight.  Rather wonderful.  Had Purcell’s Dido and Aeneas for the second half – the opera.  That was quite lovely too.

Started reading Shakespeare’s Use of the Arts of Language today.  Not that I’ve given up on The Tale of Genji, mind you.  54/399.  (193/whatever in TTOG.)

It’s brilliant.  The education I never got, but always wanted.  (Well, ever since I seriously wanted to be a writer.)

Tonight, I think the dog may be fine.  It hasn’t really complained about being in the cage as of yet (apparently it has some toy with peanut butter and other foodstuffs inside it, and it takes it forever to lick it out or something), but there’s still time.

If this is what a baby is like, I’m going to make sure I’m rich enough to have a nanny, methinks.

Today was the first day, I think, that I envisaged this blog being written while I had a child.  As in, how far my character will be from what I am now, once that has happened.  Such development!  Ha.


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April 28, 2013 at 2:48 pm

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  1. This I find essentially funny. There is nothing that could take the humour away from this and I had wished you had told this to me over a breakfast in an English manor.

    Neil san

    May 3, 2013 at 12:21 am

  2. Good to know that someone’s got some schadenfreude out of it. (I just wanted to use ‘schadenfreude’ again – it’s been awhile.)

    Sometimes I wonder whether, if I tried my hardest to write tragedies, and yet people found them hilarious and thought them comedies, whether I’d mind or not…


    May 3, 2013 at 3:39 pm

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