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Morgenstern Trio & Christopher Moore

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Saw Morgenstern Trio & Christopher Moore tonight with Musica Viva.  Quite good for the most part.  Reading my rather large tome of a book – The Tale  of Genji – in the interval, a woman squeezed past me in the front row of the circle, and just before she did (and while she did) she said, “studying for an exam and getting some concert experience  at the same  time?”  (Or something along those lines.)  “No,” I said, showing her the cover, “just a normal book.”  And she laughed (“Oh, okay!”).

Because, you know – the only time you’d be reading a large book is if you’re studying for an exam, right?  (But she seemed like a lovely woman, and the world could do a lot worse off.)  (And I didn’t even think about this at the time, but just now.)

This Tale of Genji booky thing is rather a little bit of a masterpiece, methinks.  (I had a feeling it was – exactly the same strength as it is now – after reading some of the second chapter.  (This is me demonstrating my “only need to read the first sentence/paragraph to know if a book will be good or not” skill, just like Proust thought.  (I mean, the fact that it’s a 1,000 year old classic probably helps, you might think, but I don’t let that affect my judgement.  (Or at least I hope I don’t.  Subconsciously it probably does.  (I’ve used too many brackets.  Oh dear.  (Help me, help me, god of grammar!))))))

Thank you, god of grammar – you’re my full stop in stormy weather, my comma when I need a time out, and my colon when my bowels are rumbling.



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April 22, 2013 at 3:16 pm

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