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Run, Murakami, Run

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I was going to write about a very extensive dream that I had this morning, but (a) I can’t remember as much of it now (although I can still remember quite a bit), and (b) it’d be too long to be worth my while to write about at 12:46am.  And so life goes on.

Today I woke up (after the aforementioned dream which I’m not going to tell you about) to the news that there had been a terrorist attack (or something) at  the Boston Marathon.  My first thought was for a friend of mine who lives in that part of America.  My second thought was for Murakami – having read his book on running, and knowing that he does marathons in America on occasion, I would not have been surprised if he was running in the race.  But there’s probably only a 5-10% chance that he actually was.  Still, I suppose we would’ve heard something about it now if something had actually happened to him.

And my thoughts were with the victims and bystanders, but perhaps a bit too excessively so.  Sometimes I worry that if I dwell too much on it – if I don’t stop myself from imagining myself in the situation, and so on – I might do some damage.

Anyway, I had a relatively happy day today.  Good to know my happiness doesn’t depend on world peace.  (Perhaps it just depends on how ignorant I am of world peace – I didn’t think much more about Boston except for the hour or so that I was watching of the news broadcast.)


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April 16, 2013 at 2:56 pm

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