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Arvo Part: A Sacred Journey

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Saw Arvo Part: A Sacred Journey tonight.  Few boring bits, but rather good on the whole.  Not as special as the Steve Reich concert last year, though.  One wonders who the SOH composer in residence will be next year – Phillip Glass, perhaps?  Or maybe a composer that knows what a memorable melody is.

To be perfectly honest and utterly frank and in the interests of full disclosure and not leaving anything out, I feel like I could stop reading The Book of Disquiet now and I wouldn’t be any worse off for it.  Not that I will, but I don’t see the further pages I have to read altering my perception of it in any way.  Usually a book has a plot, so one needs to keep reading to know what happens at the end, but this isn’t the case with The Book of Disquiet.  Rather it’s pure wallowing – and we all know, dear reader, how I like my art to let me wallow – and what need is there to swim around the entire pool when one can see it all from where one is?

186/whatever in TBOD.

But there is a slight sense of progression in it, though, as if there is a bit of movement throughout time.  Which suggests some sort of plot, though I don’t think anyone could explain what it was.  Perhaps it’s the reader who makes his own plot, by his brain, after being presented with two points that may or may not be separated in time, automatically filling in the difference – interpolating it, as it were.

There was a bit about The Pickwick Papers in it today, and I remember that my copy has a quote from Pessoa on the back of it; something about it being the “greatest tragedy in his life that he can’t read The Pickwick Papers for the first time again”.  (I must read Nicholas Nickleby soon, methinks – that’s the next one in the oeuvre.  I feel that I’ve used the word ‘oeuvre’ quite a lot in the past few days.  Maybe I’ve been using it my reviews, though, and not on here.)


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April 7, 2013 at 2:56 pm

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