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Handel’s Water Music

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Saw Handel’s Water Music with the Sydney Symphony today.  Rather wonderful.  Best baroque I’ve heard in a while.

Was watching Skyfall again tonight – it’s the first BluRay that the household has got – and had a desire, a desire I’ve never had before, to write a Bond film.  But I probably wouldn’t be able to do it…  I feel that, to satisfy myself, I’d have to play with the continuity of the series somewhat, or do something radical to it.  Perhaps when I’m twenty or thirty years older I might be more in the mood for toeing the line.  Young writers generally try to be quite radical, yes?  Which is partially, I think, why a lot of writers start off in a satirical vein, before getting more serious later in their oeuvre.

I suppose one interesting question would be this: how long is it possible for an artist to subvert?  Especially if they become popular.  Do they then subvert themselves?

110/whatever in TBOD.  And my b key still isn’t fixed, which is unelievaly annoying.

Thinking of my next play on my walk today, I was wondering how many lines an actor can be expected to learn…  How many do they have to know for Hamlet, for instance?


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April 6, 2013 at 2:08 pm

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