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The Ciceronian Origin

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“Because whereas drama should, as Cicero puts it,  be a mirror of human life, an exemplar of customs and an image of truth…”  — Don Quixote

How very interesting.  So it was Cicero who had that thought, was it?  (According to Google it was – I haven’t actually looked for the Cicerian (is that the phrase?) quote, although the footnotes in Don Quixote assure me that it’s there.)  And so, the famous line in Hamlet that everyone quotes was in fact a regurgitation of a much older thought…  And now I’ve lost just that bit more faith in it, methinks.  So many actors like to quote that line, as if it was Shakespeare giving advice directly to future generations, when I now see another reason for why the Bard may have included it in the dialogue – to show that Hamlet was learned in the Classics.

Now, I suppose, the question is whether I think that Cicero was right in what he said, and as to that, I’ve yet to come to a determination on the matter.  But he probably was, and all of this bluster is for nothing.

483/whatever in Quixotic Bucolic.  That is, I’ve finished Part 1.  I must say, I didn’t think it’d be quite so taken up with side-stories as it was.  (Although most of the stories involved the actual characters, so perhaps they weren’t ‘side-stories’ at all, in a way.  Is that why it’s considered the first modern novel?  I’m sure the translator’s introduction will tell me why, if I ever get around to reading it.  I assume there’s more to it than that, and I assume that, having only read novels that came after it, I’m somewhat blinded to the originality, perhaps, of it.)


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March 20, 2013 at 2:25 pm

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