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So, reading Don Quixote today, I come upon the story of Cardenio.  (It should be noted, however, that I’ve only read the first part of it – Cardenio has run off and I haven’t had a chance to read/catch up to him.)  Vaguely, in the back of my mind, I was aware that Cardenio is also the title of a lost play of Shakespeare’s, and, having read the first part of the story, I can see why it attracted him.  It attracts me too, no less!  I can’t remember where he got the plot for The Two Noble Kinsmen – the Cantebury Tales, I think – but this strikes me as a much more interesting plot.  Yes, yes – much more interesting, indeed.  (I should read The Two Noble Kinsmen at some point, too.)

Also learnt the word ‘meet’ today, in the sense of something being ‘apt’ (it’s ‘meet’ for me to pay the bus driver for the trip, for instance).  One learns something every day, yes?  The problem is remembering it.

This morning, in my waking minutes/hours/you-never-really-know-how-long-it-is (Proust had a section on this in Proust 4 that I found quite good), I had a nightmare (or rather, a somewhat unpleasant dream) where I had to play a piano concerto in front of a large audience, but had forgotten all the notes.  And so I ran off stage and, embarrassed at not having known the notes, I vomited.  It should be made clear, I think, that I didn’t make myself vomit, but I vomited anyway.  Well, there was a wish to have some excuse for running off stage, then I was vomiting.  If one were to try and reconstruct the events, then you could probably say I made myself do it, but as dreams play fast and loose with the logical sequence of things, I guess we’ll never know!  (I don’t think I would have stuck my fingers down my throat, more that I would have, mind-over-matter, willed myself to do it.)

Speaking of Proust, I read the first paragraph of an article by James Wood on some Don Quixote translations, and he compared the windmills to the madeleine, just like I did yesterday.  Clearly James Wood must have a great mind, because great minds think alike!  (Excuse me, excuse me, clear a path, clear a path, cue the fanfare – ego coming through.  Everyone get ready for the parade!)

204/blah in Errant-Man.

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March 17, 2013 at 1:09 pm

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