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Walking Woes

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Went for a walk again tonight, as per usual.  No dogs.  Clearly my uber-manly pheromones have worn off.  I even tried kidnapping a random dog from a house, but it kept escaping and running back through the gates.  (Joke.)

Towards the three quarter mark, as I was rather sweaty and listening to my groovy beats and what have you, I passed a man, around my age, leaning against the fence at the front of a yard, who, dressed only in a pair of jeans, and smoking a cigarette, took it upon himself to say “hey” at the very moment I walked past.  At least I think he said “hey”.  I, hearing this, awkwardly twisted around – though I was now past him – and, looking him in the face for a split second, squeaked out a “hey” myself, and kept going.  (I always seem to speak in a slightly higher pitch when I’m unsure of protocol and giving only monosyllable answers.  Or it feels like I do, anyway.)  And that was that.

But why?   Why?  Was he just carrying on the noble tradition of tipping your hat to passersby in the London thoroughfares?  Every few months something like this will happen, and I never handle it particularly gracefully.  (It should be noted, too, that I didn’t know the guy, and I’m pretty sure he didn’t know me.  Apart from, of course, my celebrity at being the dog whisperer…)  There were quite a few other people on the footpath that would’ve walked by him too – I wonder if he said “hey” to them?

No doubt I’m over-analysing things.

I mean, I’m well-versed in other types of “heys”, like, for instance, the “hey” you give to someone who you know at a party but you don’t want to stop and talk to, and you keep walking to make it seem like you’re going somewhere.  (Although, to be honest, I usually am going somewhere else.)  But the stranger-to-stranger “hey” leaves me all befuddled, it does.

Sigh.  Once again, Adam fails at life.

213/whatever in SodGom.  I’m reading this far too slow, especially considering that Don Quixote will be here tomorrow or on Monday.


Written by epistemysics

March 7, 2013 at 1:01 pm

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  1. Your delusional attempt to read Don quixote and Sodom and Gomorrah over a weekend is enough to attach feathers to swines and have them levitate without the intervention of any other forces save a chinese firecracker in the middle of their 3rd hoof if they even have one.

    In other news, I do find solace in the fact that you are also taking long and intellectual walks somewhere in the world. Like the wanderer over the clouds (Freidreich Caspar) what dreams will come of these walks of enlightenment? Perhaps, what diseases will not come is the better question.

    Neil san

    March 7, 2013 at 3:29 pm

  2. What you talking about, crazy man? I’ve got until the 10th April to finish them both. Any pig with four legs could walk that distance – no need to fly.

    And yes, when I’m not thinking of precisely nothing while walking, dreams are what come to mind. And to be perfectly honest, dreaming about the play that I’m currently not writing is certainly helping to keep it alive in my mind…


    March 7, 2013 at 10:05 pm

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