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Saw Falstaff with Opera Australia tonight.  Rather fantastic, methinks.  (One sees why Auden was so impressed by it, even if he thought The Merry Wives of Windsor was without merit – a view I don’t share with him (not that I think it’s the best play in the world, though, obviously).)

The surtitles cut out during the first scene of the second act.  For something like ten to fifteen minutes, I think.  That was interesting.  (It was where Ford, disguised as Mr Brook (or Mr Fountain, according to the surtitle translation before it cut out, even though it said Brook in the synopsis) is hiring Falstaff to help him seduce his wife.)  Having seen The Merry Wives of Windsor recently, I knew the plot rather well, so it didn’t ruin it too much for me (except some of the clearly comic moments weren’t funny because one had no idea what was being specifically said), but I wonder if everyone else in the audience would’ve been so forgiving.  I do have this fantasy of being able to go overseas to a non-English country and watch some theatre in a language I don’t understand…  Makes one appreciate the music, too.

I wonder what the performers were thinking, too.  Because they wouldn’t have known the surtitles had failed, and yet the audience wouldn’t have been responding to the points at which they were meant to laugh (and they had been laughing with much enthusiasm previously).

Finished After Dark tonight.  Thought it quite good, quite good indeed.  To know that the next novel Murakami wrote was 1Q84…  (Sorry, that sentence started out wrong, and I can’t finish it without breaking grammar’s arm by twisting it in ways it’s not meant to twist.)  One can see the trajectory between the two.  Perhaps I’m just saying this because they’re both in the third person, but I think it’s something more than that.  It was certainly a breath of stylistically fresh air, with his nature-documentary all-knowingness of a narrator and whatnot.

vii/436 (plus Roman prefix) in Blind Willow, Sleeping Woman.  (I haven’t started yet.)


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February 15, 2013 at 1:56 pm

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