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Dreams in White (Not)

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Went to see Dreams in White at Griffin Theatre tonight.  Got partway there on the train, and then there was a huge delay.  (Apparently there was smoke at Strathfield, and a fire alarm was set off, and much consternation was had by all.)  And so, knowing that I stood no chance of getting to the theatre before 7pm, I got off the train and went back home.

So.  Yeah.

First time I’ve ever missed a cultural event.  Well, that’s not true, actually.  I did miss the first piece in a concert because of train delays (but I saw the rest of them, and my review was only on the parts I saw – but one can’t do that with theatre, unfortunately).  And – and – I did miss the start of Spring Awakening at the Sydney Theatre, back in the day when I was buying season tickets (which I haven’t this year), and back in the day when I was only reviewing stuff for this blog (and not for anything else).  Traffic was bad; I arrived late; they weren’t going to let me in for a while; I asked if I could change my season ticket (even though it had already started); the usher was rather nice and attractive and intelligent and wise and wonderful, and switched it to the evening performance for me.  (She put my ticket down as a “wet seat”, if I remember correctly.)  I drove home, watched most of the opening ceremony of the winter olympics, and drove back in, watched the musical, thoroughly enjoyed myself, and drove home again.  But I’ve probably said all this before.  (And Spring Awakening was a ticket I bought for myself – not one that I had more than a personal obligation to seeing.)

Anyway, hopefully I can reschedule.

Got all 120 stars in Super Mario Galaxy tonight, but I have to fight Bowser again to get the bonus, whatever that is.  Also made progress in my book (read the second short story and a bit more on the train).

Did I mention I bought myself a ticket to see Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead later in the year?  I have a feeling it may very well be the only ticket I pay for this year, too.  Maybe a few other plays, but I doubt there’s much else I’d want to see twice (or much else I could afford to see twice, either).


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February 13, 2013 at 1:46 pm

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