Some theatre each day keeps the doctor away…

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Finished The Elephant Vanishes tonight, and was rather surprised by how much I enjoyed it.  Rather surprised, too, by how suitable I feel it is to be reread.

Nothing much more to say about it, really.

39 lines on the play today.

And I killed a cockroach tonight, in the same room, but I doubt it was my recent nemesis.  No, it will bide its time, it will go away and use its life to create an evolutionary chain that will one day come back to eat my flesh.  Yeah.

Well, I’m going to have good dreams tonight, aren’t I?  I watched the first episode of a new series called The Following last night, which was gorier than the stuff I usually watch – or more harrowing, anyway – and I managed to dream an entire second episode, which was ever so slightly disturbing, as I think I had cast myself as the detective going after the serial killer.  Not that I can recall much about the dream specifically, however.

Started on Underground tonight.  That is, I’ve put my bookmark on the first page.

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January 28, 2013 at 12:39 pm

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