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A Masked Ball

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Saw A Masked Ball with Opera Australia tonight, in a production by La Fura dels Baus.  Brilliant.  Not particularly emotionally wrenching, but certainly very stimulating mentally.

124/whatever in the Murakami.

Well, that was a long post, wasn’t it?

No, wait, I can say this: both the Governor of NSW and the Governor General were at the opera tonight.  It’s happened once before, but they only mentioned one of them on the little piece of paper (cast list/etc) that you get when you enter.  (They mentioned both, this time.)

I feel like I don’t mention most of the famous people I see any more, presumably because I’m used to it.  (Much the same applies to free wine at concerts.)  How quickly we accustom ourselves to change…

Thought of this line in the overture:

“He lives so well so that he might be bad.”

Which is terrible as poetry (or any form of writing).  Basically, it’s the sentiment that people think they’ve earnt the right to do something morally wrong, because they’ve been so morally good in everything else in their lives.  (No doubt this was somewhat influenced by Lance Armstrong and his work with cancer charities.)

And Bille Brown, the actor, is dead.  I knew about this on Monday and forgot to mention it.  I think he is the first actor/theatrical-person that’s died that’s made me actually feel a pang of grief.  He’s the first one that I’ve actually seen on stage, I think.  In The Seagull at Belvoir, directed by Benedict Andrews, which is one of my favourite productions, and The Histrionic at the STC last year, which wasn’t the best thing around, but was certainly a vehicle for his abilities.

Ah, life – how quickly shrinks that fickle wick!

There we go – longer post.


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January 16, 2013 at 2:06 pm

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