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La Boheme

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Saw La Boheme tonight.  I’d already seen the production on DVD (I remember watching it when I was in Canberra last), though the main roles were filled by different singers this time.  And just as good as I remembered (though I think I prefer the Rodolfo and Mimi on the DVD, though I liked the Marcello better).  And I cried, even though I tried so very terribly hard not to (and we’re not just talking water in the eyes, but a single solitary tear rolling thoroughly down my cheek).  Possibly – though I could very well be wrong about this – the first time I’ve actually shed a tear (as opposed to withholding it in the eye or wiping it away pre-fall) in a theatre.  I’m not sure it’s a particularly important thing for you to know, dear reader, but there you go.

A line for a play, perhaps:

PERSON 1: But why, <name>, have you never had a girlfriend?

<name>: Because I’ve never found someone I want to be a fool for.

Not quite the form I want the line in – I’d want it in iambic, no doubt – but the thought is there, at least.

Nothing on the scratchie today.  Finished Letter 288.  And getting close to page 1000.  (Surely I’ve read more than War-and-Peace-worth by now.)

It feels to me like no letter is wasted at the moment.  Whether the same applies to the earlier letters, but I hadn’t got used to the pace: I don’t know.


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January 5, 2013 at 2:44 pm

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