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I had a friend who was a huge fan of the comic strip Calvin and Hobbes, though I never really read it myself, but during my searchings of The Complete Far Side, I stumbled upon a Complete Calvin and Hobbes, and am considering buying that too.  I’m not sure which I’d buy first.  The Far Side is a known quantity, whereas my entire reading philosophy at the moment is about new things (even if they’re all mostly classics), and Calvin and Hobbes would be new.  (Not that I’ve by any means read all of The Far Side, either, but I’ve made more than an appetiser of it.)

Speaking of food, I had one Lindt white chocolate ball tonight as junk food.  Rather proud of myself, that I’ve fought off most of the cravings.

Finished Letter 251.  There’s a bit of A Streetcar Named Desire to this, methinks.  (The fact that Williams’ play came many years after the publication of Clarissa notwithstanding.)  Nevertheless, the reading since yesterday has been nothing but engaging.  (Not that it wasn’t engaging before, but there were tedious parts to it.)  Blanche was rather virtuous, wasn’t she?  (I think she was – my memory may be off, though.)  Except she didn’t know the consequences of her actions, whereas Clarissa is all too aware of them…

Nothing on the scratchie today.  Mother has won something along the lines of $22 off her scratchies that she got for Christmas (which means that a profit has been made on the actual cost of the scratchies).  Ahh, well.  I’ll get it back in the inheritance.

Received two books care of the postman and his non-existent cat today:

Blind Willow, Sleeping Woman by Haruki Murakami
What I Talk About When I Talk About Running by Haruki Murakami

They were the books I bought myself – I’m still waiting on four other present-books.  I think it’s four.  I know I was waiting on five, and I’m fairly certain that didn’t include the Mann I got yesterday.

Did I mention that I’m thinking of reading all the unread Murakami’s that I have in one go?  Because I haven’t done that for quite some time with an author I like?  Because I’ve been purposely switching authors with every book?  (Otherwise I’d just move on to the next Dickens/etc after reading the previous.)


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January 3, 2013 at 12:14 pm

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