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Nothing on the scratchie yesterday.  Nothing on the scratchie today.

Death in Venice and Other Tales by Thomas Mann arrived today (another belated Christmas present).  Plus a new bookmark that I didn’t have – huzzah!

I meant to write about the idea for a play I had (not that I am by any means giving up on the other one – indeed, I refuse to write anything new until I’ve finished it).  Methought it would be a tragedy, with shyness being the fatal flaw.  (Has that been done before?)  Some fatally shy 18 year old has rather rich parents, and these rather rich parents die somehow, leaving him all their money.  The vultures, therefore, congregate, with disastrous consequences (otherwise it wouldn’t be a tragedy).

Not that that is anywhere near enough of the story for me to start writing it – it’s not even a story, really.  (I think I need to know approximately the whole story before I start, otherwise I peter out/lose steam.  The play I’m writing now, I wrote a two page (well, one and a half; well, one and a bit, I think) synopsis.  The fact that virtually every line in the synopsis has now been invalidated by what I’ve actually written doesn’t bother me, though.  The final scene will still be the final scene, most likely, even if everything else is different.

But I think what interests me about shyness is whether I could get my main character to be so socially awkward that the only time he achieves any sort of fluency with language on stage is during his (many, I assume) soliloquies.  (Hamlet without the people skills, perhaps?)  I also like the idea of there being a main character, as opposed to the ensemble in the play I’m currently writing.  (Although I’d want there to be a sub plot.)

But one must focus on the current play, and not think too much about the next, yes?

(And one must also comment on the fact that, while it wasn’t a conscious thought when I was tossing this idea about in my head, I think, reflecting on its gestation, that it’s fairly obvious that Timon of Athens shares a large role in the inspiration for it.  Although I suppose my character would find that money cuts him off from the world, perhaps, whereas Timon’s money provides his interface with humanity.)

(I envisage a first act, pre-windfall, full of normality, so that the characters have a base from which to change from, instead of just first appearing ravenous from the woodwork.)

Happened upon the Wikipedia article for The Far Side cartoons today, and am now seriously considering buying myself The Complete Far Side for $162.58, with all the 4,300+ cartoons in it.  I remember my parents used to buy my a day-to-day Far Side calendar every year, and I used to love it.  Hmm…  One of my first experiences of The Far Side, I think, was in the year 6 opportunity class that I went to, where the rather apt “Midvale School for the Gifted” was on the wall outside the classroom.  (It involved one of the students leaning heavily against a door that said, in large letters, “PULL”.)  I think that whenever someone did something a tad stupid, others would intone “Midvaaallleee”.  (Or maybe it was only when someone had trouble with a door – I can’t remember exactly, and I worry that I’m embellishing my memory.)

Finished Letter 229.  Yeah.  Really read up a storm,  today.

Considering giving up alcohol this year.  Not that I have any serious reasons to – I’ve never drunken enough to black out, never drunk (God, I can’t believe I wrote ‘drunken’, and want to be a writer…) enough to make me vomit.  Drunk enough to say a few things I regret (nothing particularly embarrassing, and nothing I can actually bring to mind at the moment).  I suspect, perhaps, that I’m trying to replace my lack of willpower with my play with a willpower over something else?  Who knows.

No doubt the moment I get the opportunity of free wine at the next cultural event I attend, I’ll forget that I even considered giving up the grog.  I could never be an alcoholic writer, though, because the muse disappears when I’m drunk.

It’s less the fact that it’s alcohol, and more the fact that I’m more interested in living a bit cleaner – cutting down on the junk food as well, and all that.


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