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I have to say, the plot of Clarissa moves slower than a nail growing on a snail.  Perhaps it speeds up.  Perhaps not.  I’m not entirely a fan of the blurb on the back of the Penguin edition, which states that she gets tricked into running off with Lovelace, when, 250 pages in, she still hasn’t gotten tricked and run off with Lovelace – how far into the book should the blurb be allowed to pierce?

Finished Letter 59 today.

I don’t know if it’s because I’m on a low cycle of reading, but it feels like I should spend a lot of time reading Clarissa.  Space the reading of it out, rather.  (Not that I think I will – not on purpose, anyway.)  There’s a sense that it might be improved by reading it in real-time, perhaps?

Yesterday I was considering reading 1984 again.  I don’t know why.  My faulty memory tells me that I last read it in high school (in fact, that I only read it in high school, once), and I think that was for my English Extension 2 reading.  I definitely read it properly, but I can’t remember much about it now.  And even though English Extension 2 was about writing a major work for the HSC, I guess I would count those years as pre-serious-writing, and anything read before then has a different colour to anything read afterwards.  It sticks to the memory differently as well, presumably because I was looking for different aspects to please me, pre and post, and hence different parts would stay in my mind.  Plus it was longer ago, obviously.

I remember I speed-read Heart of Darkness in English Extension 2 as well, and did it in about forty five minutes, because I’d been trying to learn to speed read, and for some reason I wanted to impress my friends with it.  It didn’t really work, though I didn’t let on at the time.  And I read that earlier this year, or the year before.  I feel that books that I read twice, from now on, will be subconsciously (or consciously) important, but 1984 would be an exception.  Anything I read twice post-serious-writing is important, not pre-.  Yeah.

But I want to finish Clarissa.


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December 17, 2012 at 1:24 pm

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