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How comforting – I seem to have been infected with insectus readingum again.  (Good God – my knowledge of Latin is so small that I can’t even fake it convincingly.)  I’ve caught the reading bug again, is what I mean to say.  I thought I’d lost it a couple of weeks ago, but thankfully not.  My reading downtimes can extend to guilt-inducing intervals…

114/760 in Gravity’s Rainbow.  Many more themes of a sexual nature – as they would say on the rating-warning on TV – than I first perceived.  Well, not so much sexual as fetishistic.  (Is fetishistic a word?  It is now!)  Well, fetishes being a subset of sexuality, you could say that it’s sexual too.

This is making me sound like a prude.  Like some quasi-racist-by-being-non-racist middle-aged white mother talking to a black man at a dinner party.  “Oh, aren’t you nice!  I’ve never had a conversation with an Ethiopian before…oh, you’re so funny!  Now can you eat beef or does your tribe forbid it…  Oh, you’re a Christian!  Oh, no, no, not like that – I just didn’t…it surprised me, that’s all.  Would you like a bread roll?”  (You know, the overcompensating special treatment to show how comfortable a person is with the situation.)

(I mean to say that I better stop talking about the fetishes lest I slip into the aforementioned overcompensating example.)

Surprisingly easy to read, though most things aren’t quite transparent yet, but after reading Finnegans Wake I doubt I’ll ever lack for Negative Capability again, so these things rarely bother me now.

I remember when I first tried to read it I was writing down all the words I didn’t know (or only half-knew, when given in a context).  There were many words.  Perhaps that’s why I didn’t get too far, because I was slowing myself down in such a way.  Well, there seems to be a much smaller amount of words I don’t know now, or perhaps it only seems that way because I can’t be bothered looking most of them up.

I’ve changed my mind on embossed froth, by the way.  I like it as “emboss-ed froth” rather than “embossed froth”, now.  Emphasises the “d” at the end, which contrasts even better with the “th” of froth.  Something like that.


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November 26, 2012 at 1:11 pm

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