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Russian Masters

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Saw Russian Masters with the Sydney Symphony tonight.  Quite good.

Stuck in the carpark on the way back home, and looking for something to do, I tried reading Oliver Twist in the standstill traffic, but gave up on it after, quite predictably, the traffic started to move virtually the instant that I picked the book up.  But before that, having no radio reception that far underground, and no iPod or CDs in the car, I was forced to improvise.  And how did I improvise?  It turns out that there’s still five or six cassette tapes in the centre console from before time existed.  Looking through them (a painful experience, involving such horrors as Barbara Streisand) I stumbled upon Elton John and played that, being able to stand his music.

The whole point of all of this being that I needed to use my mobile (which has reception five levels underground – they must have installed phone receptors (or whatever they are) in the carpark) and so needed to pause the music.  Yet I couldn’t find the pause button for the tape player.  I spent a good thirty seconds to a minute on trying to solve the problem, which I eventually compromised with by turning the volume down.  (I didn’t want to simply eject the tape, you see.)  A minute or so after that I figured out that tapes don’t come with a pause (well, not the non-recording type), but only a stop, which in this case was the power button.  Duh.

How quickly we forget the underlying principles of old technology!

Up to Book 3 Chapter 4 in Oliver.  Enjoying it much more today, because it seems that most of the middle section of the book was cut out for the musical, so I’m getting brand-new plot – huzzah!


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November 24, 2012 at 1:40 pm

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  1. YO! Hello from Japan again. I see you’re a very busy concert goer these days. I would have loved to have have seen Russian masters with you. Maybe you can link a few of your reviews?


    November 25, 2012 at 2:39 pm

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