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Rhapsody for Clarinet

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Saw Rhapsody for Clarinet with the Sydney Symphony tonight.  Good, nothing spectacular.  Worthwhile new music, though.

There was a teacher there, from Bowral (it’s a ‘Meet the Music’ series of concerts, on at 6.30 instead of 8, so it gets a lot of schools coming to it).  She apologised to me for coming in late with her twenty students, as there bus was delayed.  (I was sitting on the end of the row, you see, so they all had to file past me as the next piece was being set up on the platform.)  And then we got talking.  “What do you play?” she asks, assuming, I assume, that no one in their right mind would go to a concert if they didn’t play an instrument.  I told her I didn’t play anything, but she didn’t seem to believe me, so I said I used to play piano (which I did).

I have a suspicion that she thought I was in high school (hence me being a school person coming to the concert regularly frequented by students, I suppose).  Telling her I gave up piano because my teacher wanted me to practice instead of studying for the HSC, she said, “so you’re at university, then”, and I couldn’t be bothered contradicting her.

I never say that I’m a critic to these strangers.  I always feel that it’ll send the conversation in an even more awkward area than it already is – one imagines the first question that they’d ask me is “so what do you think of the music?”, which requires a reasonably intelligent answer from me that I’m not entirely confident I can give in the spur of the moment.

But she was nice enough.  It’s always fascinating to me, the assumptions other people make about those around them, not realising that other people are more different than they realise.  ‘Tis a good observation on humanity, to realise that.


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November 7, 2012 at 2:39 pm

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