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The School for Wives

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Saw The School for Wives tonight.  Moliere ain’t Shakespeare, methinks, but it was a pleasant enough experience.  I realise my perception of Moliere could be horribly distorted by the somewhat modernised translation, though.  Must read some of the many plays of his that I have.

Something with a few pieces of mint, plus crushed watermelon, plus ice, plus some sort of alcohol presumably (my friend said vodka) was on offer, and was duly taken by myself.  Quite nice.  Glass of white wine too.  Some hot and cold canapes as well.  Not the best spread I’ve ever had, though.  But now I can say I’ve been to a Bell Shakespeare opening night, so yet another thing to cross off my list (not that I really have a list any more, nor do I particularly care – I’m sure I haven’t even noticed some of the things that I might have wanted to tick off the list in the past year).

Director of the play, Lee Lewis, gave a speech afterwards, which was very heartfelt, very earnest, and very serious, thanking the cast and whatnot, and talking about the power of theatre, such that it makes us “breathe in together, and breathe out together, and laugh together, and if we can laugh together then maybe we can live together”.  Something like that.  I was thinking upon these words, and thinking that I doubt I’d ever feel the need to say something like that in a speech.  (Not that I’m begrudging her for saying it.)  It’s something about taking it seriously, I think, that I’m opposed to.  Just because I want to dedicate my life to theatre doesn’t mean I have to think it’s important.

17 lines on the play today.


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October 25, 2012 at 3:22 pm

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