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If you’ve written a play (or some of it), and you enjoy reading parts of it back to yourself (because it gives you a sense – if you’re feeling nothing but admiration for your writing – that you’ve got the goods, muse-wise), but there’s one bit that you never particularly look forward to – does that mean that bit should be changed/removed from the play?  Probably.  But I’ll leave it in there, at least until I finish writing the whole thing.  (It’s a 50-line (approximately) barrage of insults, that presumably actors would fill in with some actions (they’ve just had a fight).)  (At the very least it is a monument to my creativity, having come up with more than fifty original insults.)

I’ve been terribly bored for the latter half of today.  I switch a movie on and can’t be bothered watching more than ten minutes of it.  I try to find a book to read (I got past the horrible section in Finnegans Wake and want to give myself a bit of a break from it (and by ‘bit of a break’ I mean ‘read a second book’)) but can’t.  I find some interesting articles on the web to read but can’t be bothered to do that either.  I have completely lost interest in everything, it seems, that usually interests me.  Anhedonia, I suppose.  The thing is, I’m usually very good at keeping myself entertained, but tonight, for some reason, I’m at a complete loss.

The good news is that today hasn’t been a total waste, as I managed to write 42 lines on le play, and therefore finish the first scene of the second act.  On the train on the way home from Medea yesterday, and my daily walks yesterday and today, I pushed the fog back on the plot a bit, and think I have some nice solutions.  We’ll see if it works out.

I printed it out today, the play (the part I’ve written, that is, obviously).  It felt nice having the 37-or-something pages in my hand, in a nice font and all.  Nice sense of accomplishment, what.


Written by epistemysics

October 21, 2012 at 2:22 pm

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