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From Prodigy to Prodigious

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Sounds like a great title for an long, essayistic blog post.  It isn’t.  Saw From Prodigy to Prodigious with Selby & Friends tonight.  Rather good.

201/whatever in Finnegans Wake.  Stopped in the middle (unfortunately) of the Anna Livia section, which I’ve heard is meant to be very, very good.  Severely miscalculated the amount of time I’d be able to concentrate/keep my eyes open on the book.

Thought the answer to question 10 in Chapter 6 of Book 1 was particularly vivid.  (And by ‘particularly vivid’ I most likely mean ‘I had an actual clue as to what may have been happening’.)  And Chapter 7 seemed to be an improvement on some of the previous chapters…

I find that if I finish a paragraph in the middle of a page, and put my bookmark in and then come back an hour or so later, I’ve no idea if I’ve read the paragraph or not, because I don’t recognise the words I’ve already read.  It’s as if, without any discernible character/plot (for me to notice half the time), I cannot remember the language.  Maybe.  Though that’s not right.  It’s more that I have to do a lot more glancing at the paragraph to find something I recollect, more glancing than usual.

It’s very dreamy, it is.  The way the mind – when it is fully focused on the text (which I can’t always claim mine is) – sparks off the words, sort of takes the phonetic meaning while registering the visual makeup of the word and adding the possible puns to create even more meanings…  The way a familiar rhythm can add a thrill of discovery to the text (Joyce has mimicked the Lord’s Prayer a few times, for instance)…  It feels impossible and, at the same time, containing unfathomable depths (yet I know it doesn’t).

It saddens me, too, that I haven’t got the proper amount of time to give to it, because I’ve so many books to read while I’m still relatively young…


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October 15, 2012 at 2:45 pm

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