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Sex with Strangers

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Saw Sex with Strangers at the STC today.  Surprisingly un-boring.  Probably the best two-hander I’ve seen – unless there’s been a classic two hander that I don’t remember seeing.  (Well, there was Happy Days, by Beckett, but that was really a monologue.)  No doubt it was good because it had scenes, as opposed to being in real time, like so many two-handers seem to be.

What else…  Hmm.

They had books on the stage for the play, and I was sitting in row C, but I still couldn’t see close enough to make out what the books were – though I recognised that some were Penguin Classics.  It always annoys me in a play when a character has a book, or there’s a book on the shelf, and I can’t see what the book’s name is.  I sometimes wonder whether, if I were ever desperate enough to go speed dating, I’d want it to be a situation where I was seeing all the women who just happened to have the book they were currently reading on the tables with them, so I might peruse their literary habits.  Basically, I would want to judge a person by their book (which is much more scientific, methinks, than judging a book by its cover).  I also must admit that I will, on occasion, be conscious of the fact that I’m holding a particularly worthwhile/intelligent/literary book in my hand, and wonder to myself if the people around me think better of me for it.  Of course, carrying around Finnegans Wake recently, I’m considerably narrowing the pool of prospective mates who will (a) recognise the book, and (b) know enough about it to be suitably impressed.  If I saw someone else reading it then I know I’d be suitably impressed.


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October 13, 2012 at 1:24 pm

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