Some theatre each day keeps the doctor away…

Angela Hewitt Plays Mozart

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Saw Angela Hewitt Plays Mozart with the Sydney Symphony tonight.  Rather fantastic.  And so ends a week and a day of cultural events – two plays (though they were the same play), two operas, and four concerts.  And now for a well-deserved rest of exactly one day.

Finished reading the Van Gogh biography tonight too.  Shed a few tears at the end as well, as I believe I’ve done for pretty much every biography I’ve read.  Maybe not the one about Samuel Pepys, though – though I can’t be sure.  Tormented artist’s lives have a way of getting to me, I suppose.  Marvelous biography, though.  Spiffingly good.

What was that – nine days to read it?  Big book, big book.  I counted five or so lines and found the average words a line to be 13 – which might have been underestimating it, actually – and, multiplying that by 41 lines a page (though there were pictures, but not enough to cause too much error in the calculations, plus it may well have overcompensated for me undercompensating the words-per-line), and multiplying that by the number of pages in the book, and I got some number that I can’t remember.  Either 450 or 480 thousand – that is, almost as long as War and Peace.  So not too bad, I suppose.

I said I was going to read Proust next, but I lied.  I’m going to read Matthew Reilly, methinks.


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September 22, 2012 at 3:37 pm

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