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Symphonic ABBA

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I wonder whether it might not be be the best training for a novelist to read biographies instead of novels (not that one shouldn’t read novels).  There’s something very complicated and developed about the subjects of biographies that usually isn’t quite matched in novels.  Of course, most novels don’t span a whole person’s life, and so the change that comes about through years of living never gets depicted.  Still.

Saw Symphonic ABBA today.  Meh.

Almost got caught up in a riot on the way home.  Or a protest, rather.  I was walking to Town Hall (I wanted to go to Kinokuniya) and near Hyde Park I started to notice a few police cars, then a few more, then quite a lot more, along with vehicles with “RESCUE” on the side, and a few ambulances.  I heard noises of what sounded like a rally – my first thought was that it was a policeman’s strike (how naive I am), then, hearing some Arabic (or some such language being spoken), I realised it was probably a protest, and probably about the American Youtube video ridiculing Mohammed.  And then the crowd started a bit of a running battle, by the looks of it, with police, though I didn’t stick around to watch, and I didn’t get all that close, though I was weaving through the hundred or so police cars on the street (maybe not that many cars, but it seemed like quite a lot).  Coincidentally, I want to include some sort of civil unrest in the play (or at least have it happening in the world of the play, if not on stage), so it’s nice to get first hand experience, methinks.  (It should be noted that I never felt in any danger, though, so one won’t exactly be writing from the experience of the trenches…)

Bought myself, at Kinokuniya, The Magus by John Fowles.


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September 15, 2012 at 2:39 pm

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